Tuesday 28 February 2012

Enough Is Enough

I've heard about violence in the Middle-East my entire life and have come to a conclusion: There will NEVER be peace in the Middle-East because THEY obviously DON'T WANT IT.

If the countries in the Middle-East did want peace, they would have found common ground a long, long time ago.

Since like most, if not all, of you*, I'm fucking annoyed that I've heard about their wars my whole life. Therefore, in my opinion, the rest of the world should say "Go Fuck yourselves, war-loving Middle-Eastern Countries!" and permanently ignor all of them while they keep killing each other for stupid reasons.

Why not make a fence a-la-Mexico/USA around all of those countries and prevent everyone from leaving?

That way, it would be "their" problem and our news stories would finally stop being littered with their violent bullshit.

Enough is enough.

(*Note: "You"= Canadian citizen or other Westerner)