Monday 23 April 2012

I Slept with Ivan Daigle and other facts

Here are some more facts presented in the names of History and Truth:

Ivan Daigle (real name: Yvon Daigle), a current contestant on “Canada’s Got Talent”, was engaged to one of my sisters.

He dumped her less than a month before the scheduled wedding in 1992.

(Draw your own conclusions. Did he ever repay my sister and parents for the wedding expenses already spent?)

They dated between 1988 and 1992.

We slept together numerous times during that period. By “slept” I mean the act of sleeping, not having sex, because we had to share either a bed or a couch at my parents’ cottage. Anyway, I was a minor at the time.

Ivan was born in 1970, the same year as Paul Pellerin (aka: Paul A. Pellerin), my politician Moncton City Councilor brother-in-law. They went to the same schools together, including Mathieu-Martin High School in Dieppe, NB. Ivan grew-up on Purdy Avenue in Moncton, NB while Paul’s family lived on Wildwood Court in the area of the city known as Westbrook Circle, named after its principal road.

Since Paul began dating my other sister, Charline Cormier-Pellerin (aka: Charline C-Pellerin), in 1991, there was an overlap period of at least 6 months when they were both involved with my family.

Ivan, Charline, and Paul all worked together at Sobey’s on Mountain Road in Moncton, NB.

Ivan released at least one recording, the song "Making Love Doesn't Make It Love", while he was dating my sister. Paid for by CFQM as part of a prize, it may have only been released on a various artists promo CD sent to radio stations. The song was co-written with Patrick _______. Patrick also worked for Sobey's and was Charline's boyfriend for a period in 1990.

Ivan started using "Ivan" as a stagename instead of "Yvon" (his real one) because he felt that it would sound like "Yvonne" when said in English, which would make his name sound "gay". (That's what he said.)