Friday 1 July 2016

True - About "Community Radio Stations" - CRTC Commissioner Marc Patrone (2010)

This really happens.

About "Community Radio Stations" - CRTC Commissioner Marc Patrone (2010):

"My concern, based on submissions made during this proceeding, is that community radio may gradually become something more akin to a commercial venture. There is some evidence suggesting this is already happening.

Most of the community radio stations in Canada continue to offer programming ‘distinct’ from the commercial sector. However, some private commercial radio stations, particularly in French-language markets have grown increasingly concerned about the ‘commercially competitive nature’ of what are supposed to be ‘community’ non-profit operations. The privates argue that, in the absence of stricter regulatory ‘dividers,’ some community radio stations may find it financially expedient to forsake true ‘community broadcasting’ practices in order to become more commercial."