Tuesday 16 February 2010

Review of NEMI 3

Nemi 3

Titan Books

$14.95, color, 144 pgs.

Writer and Artist: Lise Myhre

Reviewed by Bernard C. Cormier **

Nemi, the cool gothic chick by Norwegian comic artist Lise Myhre (born: 1975), gets another English reprint collection from Titan Books.

Nemi 3 covers much of the same territory that was already explored in the previous two collections. Many of the strips are about Nemi hanging around with Cyan and her friends. Usually such activities take place at bars.

The title character’s sarcastic personality provides entertainment by escorting the punch lines to their expected outcomes. There’s nothing wrong with that except readers will likely know roughly where each strip will go after reading a few.

Some of the strips appear to fleshed-out longer stories taken from comics or magazines instead of newspapers. A good example to mention is a Christmas tale, “Monstrifer”, which takes place during Nemi’s childhood. It’s about her chance encounter with an abominable snowman.

The book has a few problems, which could be seen as minor to some but quite major to others. Those problems consist of the absence of the strips original publication dates.

In an overall way, Nemi 3 is a fine, entertaining book.


ISBN: 9781845766153

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